Cancellation Policy

Vacation properties are often booked many months in advance and this beautiful property will be held for your use! When the property is being held for you, it obviously cannot be rented to someone else.

Therefore, similar to cruise & tour packages, when booking a vacation rental home, a deposit will be charged to your credit card upon reservation. The deposit is 50% of the cost of the rental. The remaining 50% of rent owing will be charged to your card two weeks before your arrival.

If you do have to cancel for unforeseen reasons, we will do everything we can to rebook the property and return your deposit. However, if it cannot be rebooked, the deposit will not be refunded.

Damage Policy

As we are offering a high quality vacation rental and desire that it remain so for our guests, any real damage (not every day wear and tear) done to the property will be charged to your card for repair or replacement.

-Please remember that this is a non smoking property.